• Patient Information

Pre-Surgical instructions

On the day of your surgical procedure, please DO the following:

  • TAKE YOUR REGULAR MEDICATIONS WITH A SIP OF WATER (Except Diabetics, bring but do NOT take Insulin or oral hypoglycemic medications).
  • Take any preoperative medications such as sedatives or antibiotics as instructed.
  • Bring a responsible adult with you who can stay in the office during and after your surgery, drive you home, and be responsible for your care. (No one can receive care without the presence of a chaperone). A parent or guardian must accompany any child.
  • Presurgical cleanliness is important! Please bathe, shampoo, and brush your teeth. Wear loose, comfortable, short sleeved clothing.
  • Advise the office if you develop fever, bad cough, flu or cold prior to your surgery.
  • Allow extra travel time so you will not be rushed or late for your time of arrival.
  • Anticipate your surgical, postoperative recovery, and instructional time to be 3 hours.
  • Verify your insurance company benefits before your appointment. We cannot be responsible for insurance company decisions.

On the day of your surgery, please DO NOT do the following:

  • EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING at least 8 hours before surgery
  • Wear jewelry, tongue rings, make-up, nail polish, or false finger nails
  • Use perfumes or colognes (several staff members are highly allergic)
  • Smoke before surgery
  • Wear contact lenses.
  • It is best not to bring children.